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After you have submitted your photos, please re-visit your account to be alerted of photo submission status. You may view the status of your Submitted Photos under "Submission Complete" and "Declined".

  • Joining the GalleryOpen or Close

    Where will my photos be displayed?
    Photos will be displayed on the PENTAX Photo Gallery, and if approved.

    Who will own the rights to my photos?
    You will. Copyright of the Images will remain the property of the photographer. A credit will be provided under all images. You may also want to review the full Terms & Conditions of the PENTAX Photo Gallery.

    Can I submit point and shoot images, or work taken with something other than a PENTAX camera?
    No, the PENTAX Photo Gallery is a place to share photos taken by a PENTAX Interchangable Lens Camera.

    Can I remove my photos from the site if I decide to later?
    Yes, you can delete your photos at any time by going to the PHOTOS page and clicking the "Delete" link underneath the photos you would like to remove.

    Do I have to create an account?
    Yes, if you wish to share your work you must first create an account. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

  • Submitting Your BioOpen or Close

    What are you going to do with this information?
    PENTAX will not share any personal information you submit except your bio text, location and what is in your camera bag. Your contact information will be for internal use only and will not be shared with the public or any other parties. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for additional information.

    Can I change my information later?
    Yes, you can change your information at any time by going to your Artist Bio and editing the information.

    Can I edit an image once it has been approved in the Gallery?
    If you edit your images once they are approved PENTAX will need to re-approve them.

  • How to Submit My workOpen or Close

    How many photos can I submit?
    You are limited to a maximum of 5 images uploaded per week. Please do not submit multiple images of the same subject (example: a still life shot at slightly different angles). Only submit your best images. It is up to you to determine the best composition and lighting, not the voting members of the Gallery.

    Will all of the photos I submit be displayed in the Photo Gallery?
    All submitted photos must be voted on and approved by PENTAX before being displayed in the Photo Gallery.

    How will I know if my photos have been accepted for display? How long will it take to find out?
    After you have submitted your photos, please re-visit your account over the next few weeks to be alerted of photo submission status. You may view the status of your Submitted Photos under "Submission Complete" and "Declined." As with any gallery, the review process can take some time.

    What is EXIF data?
    EXIF refers to settings and scene information recorded by a digital camera and embedded within each file. When photo editing, EXIF data can be lost if an image file is not saved correctly. If your scanner is adding EXIF data from another manufacturer try saving for web. If no EXIF data applies please mark scanned image.

    How do I preserve the EXIF data for my images?
    The method to preserve EXIF data varies among editing programs, so check your manual. Photoshop 7 is used below to illustrate one of the ways to preserve data in a jpeg.To preserve EXIF after editing an image, use the Save AS command (not Save or Save for Web) from the File menu. The Save As dialog window opens. Select JPEG from the Format drop down menu, give the file a new name, then click the Save button. Next, select quality settings between one and 12 (1= Lowest quality/most compression - 12 = Highest quality/least compression). Select a number that gives you a good balance between image quality and file size. The EXIF data will remain embedded in the new file. As a reminder, always edit copies of originals. If you make a mistake, start over using another copy of the original.

    What types of photos can I submit?
    JPG/JPEG format photographs only. No BMPs. No GIFs. No TIFFs. No RAW.

    Photos must be selected for one of the following categories: Abstract, B&W, Cityscape/Urban, Documentary, Glamour/Fashion, Landscapes, Macro, Nature, Panorama, Portraiture, Travel, Food, HDR, and In-Camera Effects.

    Photographs should not be overly manipulated with filters and effects unless done in-camera and loaded to the in-camera effects category. Some dodging and burning to reveal an image is allowed, however, it is not acceptable to move around pixels or add or remove elements. Cropping is allowed.

    Do not add text or graphics around or overtop your image. This includes single pixel key lines, frames and borders around the image. Also not allowed are dates, copyright info or URLs on top of the image. Please do not include multiple images within one image.

    Do not upload photos that are abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

    What are the constraints for photos submitted?
    The recommended image size is 900 pixels high.
    Images less than 900 pixels high will not be accepted.
    Images greater than 900 pixels high will be automatically resized.

    Can I submit images taken with any lens?
    You can submit images taken with any PENTAX lens or a third party lens. Not all lenses may be listed. If you do not see your lens listed or you are using a third party lens, please select "other". You may write the lens in the notes section.

    What else do I need to know about submitting photos to the PENTAX Photo Gallery?
    If your images are displayed on other websites please link back to the PENTAX Photo Gallery whenever possible.

  • Voting CriteriaOpen or Close

    As an accepted artist of the PENTAX Photo Gallery you have the ability to help in the image selection process. Only approved artists can participate in the voting process.

    Our goal is to receive fair and unbiased input to help in the selection process. To this end, Photo Gallery participants cannot vote on their own photos. The photographer of each image available for voting will remain anonymous during this process. To further protect the process, your vote, either positive or negative, cannot be viewed by the photographer.

    PENTAX reserves the right to decline an image for any reason even if the image has received positive votes. This can be due to various reasons including, but not limited to, subject matter, incompatible aspect ratios, the inclusion of watermarks or copyrights, resolution, or the quality of the image.

    Please vote based on the technical and artistic merits of each image. When reviewing images please consider composition, exposure, subject matter, lighting, focus and other image aspects.

    Also, ask yourself the following questions when considering your vote:

    Can you see this image in a traditional photo gallery or printed publication?

    Does this image elicit an emotional response?

    Is this image original?

    Does this image offer a personal perspective of the subject and display the unique vision of the photographer?

    Would this photo stop you if it were hanging in a gallery?

    By agreeing to these terms you state that you will give your unbiased opinion on each image presented based on that image's artistic and technical merits.

    Please consider images in the category of "In-Camera Effects" as examples of what these filters can do. They will and should be different than standard images.

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