Gallery Terms & Conditions

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PENTAX has the option, at its sole discretion to decide whether to crop, edit or otherwise alter the images accepted into the Gallery as well as remove any images from its website.

Photographs containing nudity, obscenity, profanity, pornography, violence, and anything that is lewd or offensive in nature, or otherwise inappropriate images will be excluded from the website. PENTAX reserves the right at its sole discretion to decline and disqualify any images that are considered inappropriate. However if this condition is ignored, in extreme cases, PENTAX will notify authorities to settle this matter legally. The submitted images must be the photographer's original work. The photographer also certifies that the images submitted have never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted that the photographer is the copyright owner.

It is the sole responsibility of the submitting photographer to obtain a written release from any recognizable person in a submitted photo. The submission of public domain images is prohibited. Copyright of the Images will remain the property of the photographer. A credit will be provided under all images. PENTAX does not take any responsibility for pictures displayed in the Gallery that viewers may find offensive. If an artist takes another person's picture and submits it under his/her own name, he/she will be disqualified and may be required to pay for compensations.

PENTAX reserves the right to use all approved pictures as it wishes for display in all areas of this website and subsequent Photo Gallery applications (i.e. screensaver). All artists share his/her personal information through the Artist Biography page at his/her own risk. All applicants must make sure to provide correct and valid personal information. If any applicants appear to provide false information, he/she will be removed from the Gallery. Upon the violation of our Terms & Conditions, depending on the severity of the matter, PENTAX will issue a warning or immediate dismissal from the Gallery. Second warning will result in a permanent dismissal from the Gallery, and possible legal action.

Picture titles and descriptions may not contain any profane or inappropriate language. Any personal information that is submitted by the artists will be for internal use only and will not be shared with the public or any other parties.

PENTAX reserves the right to make any and all changes to the and to change, modify, add or remove terms of these Terms & Conditions at its sole discretion without notice to the user. Changes to the Terms & Conditions shall be effective immediately, and subsequent use by you of the PENTAX Gallery shall constitute your acceptance of these changes. PENTAX reserves the right to deny access to to anyone at any time.